La Sapa - Cooked Must

La Sapa - Cooked Must

Grape Variety: Malvasia 100%

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Grape Processing and Maturation: the must is cooked down to approximately one-third its original volume; the process cluminates with a "bagno maria" to prevent carmelization (adding nuts with their shells will also prevent the reduction from sticking to the copper pots). The end result is an extremely concentrated juice with a high sugar content to inhibit fermentation
Sensory Evaluation: dense dark caramel in color;sweet, thik, mildly acidic taste with a unique, bitter undertone
Recommended Food Pairings: La Sapa is delicious with polenta and with salty, goat-milk ricotta (dried and smoked), a combination the people of the Marche region have loved for centuries. It’s also excellent with aged, pungent cheeses, and with strawberries, whipped cream and ice cream. In summer, a few drops of Sapa in water is refreshing; in the past, people mixed Sapa with snow and drank it.

SAPA: is a Latin word probably derived from “avere sapore” – to have a taste – and “sapidus” - meaning tasty.