Carenum - Cooked Wine

Carenum - Cooked Wine

Grape Variety: Malvasia 100%

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Grape Processing and Maturation: the must is cooked down approximately one –third its original volume while being skimmed to remove impurities. When the reduction is cold it is placed in small old oak barrels called “Caratelli” where the cooked wine ages for a minimum of 5 years up to a maximum of 25-30 years
Sensory Evaluation: clear, vibrant gold in color; strong and complex aroma with distinct notes of dried apricot, date, nut, chestnut, honey and caramel; smooth, silky taste enfolds the palate; sweet and well-balanced with a gentle salty note in the finish; rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, marvelous for health
Alcohol content: 14,5 vol.%
Serving Temperature: 16-18℃ (60-64℉)
Recommended Food Pairings: exquisite with traditional nut or anise cookies, and traditional cakes such as “Ciambellone”

CARENUM: is the ancient Roman name for this special drink, which was made millennia ago by the same process used today. Vino cotto satisfies the most demanding palates and was mentioned by the writer Plautus as early as 191 BC.