We believe in living from the land an with the land, and in the love that connects bountiful Nature to people, and a grateful people to Nature. Please enjoy everything good with us.

We took the name Le Corti dei Farfensi from the Benedictine monks of Farfa Abbey who were vastly important to Le Marche, our hot and hilly region on Italy’s central Adriatic coast. These monks came to southern Marche in 890 AD after their monastery, at Sabina in nearby Lazio, was overrun by Saracen invaders. Originally the main body of Farfensi settled the area between the Tenna and Aso river valleys, but their influence soon spread over a wide territory that coverst he present – day provinces of the order waned dramatically in the mid – 14th century when ist powers were curtailed by the papacy.
For 400 years, however, the Farfensi created and administered the economic life of this region. It was an era of economic and social progress, and of great prosperity linked principally to the development of agriculture. The monks reintroduced the almost-forgotten technicques of classical Roman agronomy and their land-organized in „corti“ – was extremly productive, a fact proven by archaeological excavations of warehouses from the period. But the Farfensi were especially important fort he development of viticulture, so much so that in 1500 the lands surrounding the town of Moresco were highly prized and guarded jealousy. Records in a contemporary survey calles the Cinquecentine describe the bounderies and extent of various properties in language such as „surrounded by the vineyard of…to the vineyard of…“, testimony to the rooted importance of viticulture in the Moresco area. Modern Moresco has been designated one of Italy’s most beautiful towns and it continues the agricultural traditions of Farfa Abbey.

Our company logo depicts a monk picking a bunch of grapes so tenderly that it’s almost a caress. This same passion, attention and respect, lives on in Le Corti die Farfensi – in how we run our business and make our wines and olive oil.