Appellation: Falerio Pecorino DOP (Protected Origin Denomination)
Grape Variety: Pecorino 100%
Vintage: 2017

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Soil Description: alkaline, with abundant presence of stone
Training Sytem: guyot; 4.500 vines/acre
Productivity: 3,1 tons/acre
Harvesting: only the best bunches, hand-picked at the beginning of September and delicately placed in baskets
Grape Processing and Maturation: after a short maceration of the skins, fermentation occurs in small stainless-steel vats in close proximity to the fine lees. Further maturation occurs in the bottle
Sensory Evaluation: yellow with green highlights in colour; rich aromas with unique notes of William pear, the freshness of citrus-tree flowers, and elegant, complex, fruity notes of yellow peach, banana and apricot; crisp and fruity palate with characteristic, slightly bitter finish
Alcohol Content: 13 vol.%
Serving Temperature:  10-12℃ (46-50℉)
Recommended Food Pairings: lovely with strongly flavored cheese such as Pecorino, Parmigiano and Fontina; also nice with fish soups, shrimps cocktail, and fatty fish

CURTES: is Latin for courtyard, a medieval productive unit consisting of houses and cultivated fields